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Music & Lyrics by Martin Anilom
Produced by Martin Anilom
Recorded & Mastered all along 2013 until March 2014 at Pygmy Studio (Tordesillas, Spain)

Voice in Heritage III by Odile Quennoz
Voice on Heritage V by Stanko Wivinskii


released April 1, 2014




The big sleep in search of Hades Tordesillas, Spain

TBSISOH exposures the music conception of Martin Anilom, founder of a project that treats to evoke the different conceptions throughout his mind towards an unique style. Influences brought from so many vary waves transported until an obscure experimentation without any chain, with the only intention of channeling all of them into a deep and dark music creation concept. ... more

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Track Name: Heritage I: Exodus

Grieving for find the truth
False images surrounding the leak of faith
The undiscover
The real sound of madness
Living through the centuries of every man
Except those who knew
What they filled with the first time
And those who cared

The most are blind in the act

Solemn as a biblical migration
As a troup of strolling acrobats
As far as the pacific
To consolidate the pain, the fear
The real winter has not yet started
But the frost

Their faces were tense
As they peered out from the cold winter
And they all look somehow alike
Grieving for find the truth

False ideas were there
A city and its people at war

And no one takes care of them

With their own shadows running out
Forgetting its union with light
Forbidding the sun and the moon
The lost pieces of a puzzle
Which never existed during the happiness
That kind of pieces that were supposed to be
That were supposed to use

And now there is no one here
And now there is no one there

Behind the cold window
Behind that new point of view

Don’t you want to find the truth?
Don´t you want to lose the lie?

Track Name: The work is done

Until the end of time
I´ll try to find
Until their prejudge smile
Turns into a noble sight

Until the dawn of life
Look back to past
It should be in mind
Until your precious eyes
Turn into prime
Honest sight

The earth feels so raw
In this little hands
In outer space
On unchained axis

The flames formed into the shape of a god
And encircled the martyr´s body like a wall
He was in the midst not as burning flesh
But rather as bread being baked
As gold being refined in a furnace
Deep in his soul he was satisfied
Instead to feel exhaust he was composed:
"The work is done, The imposture is expelled...
The work is done!"
Track Name: She, godfather

Seize… She seizes the chances offside
Retrieving her soul
Please… your sight is working overtime
You succumb
You are outside
Declining the options I felt pain
But still the warm flows through me
The time I like is the jog hour
Can I jog?
Could I jog?

All that they need is to shine
Although the have to hike
All that they need is to fight
Although they have to die
Track Name: Play hard & Be strong

Grilled by thousand tendencies
Leaping show in front of me
We´ll always stand by your side
We always felt embraced by you

Inside your bones evil made its spot
Fight against the evil
Play your soul as some organic presence
And trust yourself

To sleep but not to rest
Play hard be strong

This is the beginning of a new smell
This is the first step of that path
That you have never chosen
No matter, it´s going to become you stronger

This was not the train I thought
This was not that train
But is where now we´re travelling
Does anybody know when the trip finish?
Does anybody know where the trip finish?
I can see black trees… but green ones too!
Track Name: Heritage III: Fatalisme

La pression augmente pour s’évacuer
La sensation d’une tristesse diffuse

Il ne serait pas surprenant que naisse une épidémie

Quelques 300 pieds de large

D’un bout à l’autre dans le désert
Dans l’attente éperdue d’un bain de lumière
Le lent ressac d’un océan tranquille
Comme un air de catastrophe et de fatalisme

Venus des maisons voisines
Les gens approchent et s’assoient au bord des mots pour se réchauffer.
Track Name: Flowers are still so beautiful

Pale sense everywhere
Brain blocked said the face
Everything is for you
How to make what they do?
Blooming as a ray
When is burning the skin
Dust at last let the eyes clean

Yesterday has gone
It left dirt

Trapped by a complex plan
In a dark future but hoping
Poring over the facts
Understanding that
Flowers are still so beautiful
I see her eyes
I don´t feel the pain
And you´re so kind(ly)
Flowers are still growing up
And they are so beautiful
Track Name: The grain feels empty

I felt the ocean
I felt the muddle
I felt the sand
Your salted water

I hope you understand
The grain feels empty
Spite was inside
It´s ready to start

I hope you understand
The grain feels empty
Nothing was inside
But ready to start
Track Name: Resolve the dubious mind

Wounded by centuries of hypocrisy
Typified by crowns and honours
While thousand ones fought
While hundred ones lied
Protected by spiritualized rules
Towards a better weave

Somehow someone decides to rise alone
Running faster despite the heart cannot breath
Encircled by your own, engrossed with pleasure
Brash kind of thoughts rising the emptiness

This is the end of the end
A desert in front and the cool behind
Red eyes and quake hands
They are going to fall before
They are going to fall before!

Resolve the dubious mind
Track Name: Heritage V: Worth

Inherit a life conquered by eagerness and hate
Morality doesn´t reign in this world